Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stuck in an Elevator

Have you read this article yet?  It's the story of a 3 year old falling from a third floor apartment window being saved by a couple with a MATTRESS on the sidewalk?!

A mattress on a sidewalk!?  What are the odds of that!?  I mean how many times have you seen people walking down the street with a mattress?  If you had been on my street yesterday, you would have seen people walking down the street with a table and a grill, but we are all weird so that doesn't count! A mattress, people, a mattress!

They saved that baby's life with a mattress!  A mattress!

You know what is even more amazing!?  They got stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes earlier in the day.  If they had not gotten stuck, the mattress would have been moved 30 minutes earlier and the outcome could have been significantly different.

This story stuck with me.

You know, I'm sure when they were stuck for 30 minutes on the elevator it was not seen as a good thing.  I would have been paralyzed with fear had I been with them.  I tend to get a touch claustrophobic.  I'm sure I would have wondered why this had happened!?  What had I done to get stuck in an elevator!?  Couldn't we please hurry up, I'm trying to move!?  I hate moving!  I hate elevators!  Get me out of here!  NOW! Why me, God?  Why me!?  I. WANT. OUT. NOW!

Those would have been my thoughts anyway. Crazy, much?

But, thankfully they DID get stuck.  What would have (and probably did) seem like a trial or a problem, turned out to be such a blessing!  They were on a sidewalk with a mattress at just the right time!

I now have a new saying for hard times in my life.  I'm going to start referring to challenges, setbacks, trials, hardships, failures, and generally anything that appears to be negative, as being "stuck in an elevator."  I hope it will be a reminder to me that I might be going through this hardship for a greater blessing or outcome down the road.

I truly believe that all things work towards the greater good.  Romans 8:28:  And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.  

So, not to get all preachy, but I pray that if you ever find yourself going through something hard, you might consider thinking of it as a part of a bigger plan.  Maybe God will use your struggle for something you will see 30 minutes later as a blessing, like this couple.  Maybe it will be weeks, months, or years before you see the positive result.  Maybe you will never see a positive result from a negative happening.....but I trust that it is there even when we can't see it.  There are things of this world we just don't always have the eyes to see.

The reporters called this an act of luck.....I choose to see it as divine intervention played out in an elevator.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Alahhhhna Weston, Come on Down! You are the next contestant on the PRICE IS RIGHT!

Last night was just a typical night for know, going to The Price is Right stage show here in know......IF YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!  Bwahahahha.  This stay at home momma felt like a rock star anyway....valet parking and all!

I was excited to just be going!  I grew up watching Bob Barker and those Barker Beauties he sexually harassed.  This was going to be EPIC.  I love game shows and this is the game show of ALL game shows.  I couldn't wait.

My buddy Rachel was game to go with me.  We made our t-shirts notice the mustaches and headed down to the Long Center to get registered to be a contestant. We just KNEW one of us was going to get picked.  My friend Noelle's mom had been on the tv show a long time ago and won the Showcase Showdown! She came over a few hours before the show and rubbed my arm for good luck.  I wore my lucky earrings....I was set!

After showing up and scanning some little QRcode thingy to register so high tech we found the producer(?), Jose that was his name to give us our REAL Price is Right Nametags!!!  Those suckers are huge....and my dream of wearing one had come true!  If I couldn't get to Hollywood to see the real show, this was the next best thing.

Jose told me my name was pretty....I said, "thank you, will even be better when you call it for me to come on down tonight!" I even gave him a sly little wink for good measure.

Now supposedly, this stage show is all luck.  There are no interviews beforehand.  They say they just call a name out at random...or a drawing...but Jose and I had a connection....I felt it.....surely he was going to hook me up.

We sit in our seats after I got a glass of wine in a sippy cup (had they heard I was clumsy?) and wait for the show to start!  The anticipation was palpable.  big word for a blonde...

The show starts and out comes Mark Walburg!!!  

<--------No, not THAT Mark Wahlburg.

-------->This Mark Walburg from The Antiques Roadshow...notice the missing H in the last name....what a difference an H makes...this guy ------> is still a cutie though.....

But not THIS cute...

Anyway, I digress...another big word...

The show starts and they call out the first four names....not us.  The guy plays for an iMac computer and doesn't win it.....Then another four names...........NOT US.  This guy plays for a refrigerator....doesn't win it.  Then a few more names.......NOOOOOT US..........come on were supposed to hook a sister up!  At this point, I'm not even sure what the contestant was playing for....When where they going to call my name?  Oh yes, that contestant played for money....the Punch game...she won $300.

Then, another three names.......they take turns spinning the big wheel my dream and somebody won some money but now I'm starting to drift off and not pay attention. ADHD?

Then they announce another four names............................................................................

My friend Rachel and I were taking bets on how they would say my name if I were to get called.  Ironically enough, her daughter's name is Alannah and she was a good mom and spelled it correctly (just kidding, mom).

I nailed it when I said they would pronounce it, AhLAHnah. :)  BUT I DIDN'T CARE!!!  Wait.  WHAT!?!?!?!?!      They freakin' just called my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I jumped up from my seat and screamed and waved my arms and danced and jumped and freaked and cried ok maybe not cried and jumped and screamed and RAN!.....and ran.......and ran...............and ran..............and ran............................................................

We had nosebleed seats....this was our view:

I get to contestant's row out o' breath (see that pink blob?  that's me!) and then I start to panic.  What in the world do I do now!?  I'm nervous as a cat....some producer lady not Jose tells me to go to the Pink podium how fitting when it is my turn.

Antiques Roadshow Marky Mark guy calls us up and says hello to us all.  At this point, I'm loving hearing my name mispronounced......they can call me whatever they want!!!  I'm on the Price is Right (stage show)!!!!

The next item up for bids is an.........
At home Vending Machine!!!

Crap!  I've never seen this at Target.  I have no idea what price to bid!  Mark (no H) Walburg looks to me and says, "Ah LAH nah, you're up first.  What is your bid?"  

Shoot!  I don't want to be first.  I have no idea!!!  I turn to the audience to try to find Rachel to get advice she had been ROCKIN' the pricing all night.....doing WAY better than me.  Dadgummit....I can't see her.  She is 13 miles away and I'm blinded by lights.  So, I look a little closer.  There is a guy on row 3 telling me $240, $240!!!  

Sounds reasonable, so I turn around and bid $240 (in my MOST southern accent).  The next guy bids something crazy like $600.  The sweet lady in the wheelchair bids $99 and then Chez (pronounced like the french must say cheese...not like Shay) bids $175.  Ooooohhhh...I like my chances!  I'm going to win this thing.  These bidders are amateurs!

Antique Mark says, "The actual retail price is............................................$237!  Congratulations french cheese, you're the winner!"  

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????? I overbid by $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME!!?? and who would pay that much for that vending machine!?

Disappointment washes over me and I'm handed a t-shirt before walking the 627 (Rushing number) miles back up to my seat.

At first, I was bummed... but then I was like................THEY CALLED MY NAME!!!!  Only a few people there that night got to Come On Down! and they picked me thanks Jose (wink)!  

Chez played the Piggy Bank game and could have won a Vegas trip but instead won a tandem bike.  I would have loved a trip to Vegas...and would have figured out a way to use the tandem bike!

The rest of the show was so much fun.  The guy that played Plinko! won $1,000, the guy that played Hole in One (or Two!) had to putt from almost the last line and missed of course, and some cute girl lost winning the car at the end, but I think she ended up with some poker chips and a PlayStation 3 - so not a bad night for anyone!  

Marky no H Mark and his funky bunch - the announcer guy and the Barker Beauty girl - were outside after the show and Rachel and I couldn't resist getting a picture with them.

We un-valeted our car and then Facebooked the whole thing immediately.  As Rachel said, "It didn't happen until you put it on Facebook." 

This has now become my favorite t-shirt and my lucky earrings have lived up to their name.  Life is good.  It was an awesome night!  Now I'm ready to one day see Drew Carey in Hollywood!!!